Yoga is more than mastering postures and increasing your flexibility and strength. The traditional purpose of Yoga has always been to bring about a profound transformation in the person through the transcendence of the ego and to impart "spiritual discipline". Modern day people often associate yoga with the postures and stances that make up the physical activity of the exercise, but close inspection shows many more aspects of yoga. It is an activity that has been practiced for thousands of years, and it is something that has evolved and changed overtime. Modern yoga is based on five basic principles:

  • Proper relaxation
  • Proper exercise
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation

Your practice of yoga can lead you to a clearer mind and better concentration, and to a strong flexible body. You can prepare for your biking/hiking season or simply to be able to get out of bed easier, walk your dog, and play on the floor with Grandkids. Whatever your needs are, here at Fluid Fusion we try to offer a class or a private session to meet them. We want to help you become one of millions of people world-wide that practice this amazing discipline.

Hang from high-tech, silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling as you explore balance, strength, and flexibility. Choose from four different aerial yoga class types:

Float: Deliciously soothing class that creates a deep relaxation for the body and mind
Flow: Asana-inspired class that brings your mat yoga practice to the air
Invert: Advanced class to amplify core strength, balance, and improve yoga asana inversions
Restore: Therapeutic and safe practice for deep and gentle releases, as well as increased mobility.

Originally developed in 1928 by Joseph H Pilates using his theory of "as much as necessary as little as possible" Pilates movements were created using highly precise, targeted exercises and fewer repetitions. His "less is more" theory allows clients to build body awareness and slowly gain strength from the inside out both mentally and physically. In the Pilates Method, understanding of proper control and form are key. It builds a "Pilates Body" or a balanced muscular-skeletal system with strong, flexible muscles and better posture. The Pilates Method combines both Eastern and Western disciplines to form an ideal body-conditioning program.
The Principles - Pilates teaches you about breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, co-ordination, positioning of the body, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility.
The Exercise - Pilates and yoga have common goals. However, the Pilates system focuses more on precision and strength and works the body by creating harmony throughout the nervous and musculoskeletal system.
The Equipment - includes: reformer, trapeze, stability chair, arc barrel, ladder barrel and spine corrector. Fluid Fusion offers group classes on Arc Barrels and Reformers. Reform your body and tone while you stretch and build core strength. Total body workout with fun and exciting outcomes for your personal needs.

GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® creator, Juliu Horvath, developed the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® after his personal struggle with chronic pain and injury. Horvath was a swimmer and gymnast before becoming a ballet dancer in his early 20's. He danced professionally, wherein he tore his Achilles tendon, and herniated a vertebral disc, which ended his dance career. At that point he moved back to New York City where he began a regular yoga practice.
When Horvath began to teach Yoga for Dancers he established the first GYROTONIC® exercise studio - White Cloud Studio, in 1984. At first most of Horvath's students were professional dancers but as demand for his classes grew, and the diversity of his clientele increased, he refined Yoga for Dancers, creating a class format that any person could perform, regardless of age, injury or health. He named this refined version the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Method.
At Fluid Fusion GYROTONIC® exercise is performed on a specially designed piece of equipment created by Hovath, which can accommodate any size or age client. This equipment allows the certified instructor to move the client through a series of smoothly connected, circular exercises allowing joints to move within full range of motion. This provides a non-impact, low resistance type of movement where the client uses breathing and smooth flow to transition between each position. This equipment and it pieces provides innovative exercise for clients having pain, limited range of motion, stiffness or lack of flexibility. It is also a great for athletes that want cross training for stretching, flexibility and to provide a renewed sense of vitality. Exercise and movement on the GYROTONIC® Exercise Equipment have brought many people non-invasive, non-medical relief from injury and pain.
GYROTONIC® Method uses 4 pieces of equipment to produce results. The main piece of equipment that must first be mastered is the GYROTONIC® Method Tower. GYROKINESIS® Exercise is the floorwork of GYROTONIC® Exercise.

Core Align is a relatively new modality developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman. His goal was to bring whole body training to each individual through simultaneous harmonious motions in a familiar standing position. His recent invention of the Core Align Method is accepted as a successful treatment modality and exercise program used in studios worldwide.
Core Align exercise facilitates musculoskeletal rehabilitation and upright posture, balance, and function, while stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing. Clients using this equipment find that the upright postures allow them to perform exercises that perfect and mimic movements of everyday life. As they can perform very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training they develop better posture, balance and stability as well as get a great cardiac workout. Core Align allows you to work through injury but can also provide great cross training for your favorite sports activity. Give Core Align a try at Fluid Fusion for performance enhancement or as a regular exercise regimen for a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Fluid Fusion we offer all types of Barre classes where you can regain your balance safely and effectively, while you tone and stretch your whole body in a challenging way. Barre classes have been helping men and women alike, tone, lift, and tighten for decades. In 1959 Lotte Berk opened up The Lotte Berk Method on Manchester Street in London. After suffering a back injury, Lotte Berk got the idea combining her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy. In 1971 the method was introduced to the United States when Lydia Bach, one of Lotte's students, opened The Lotte Berk Method in Manhattan. Barre has expanded its horizons and is also used in Alexander Technique and in other well known methods of dance, fitness and rehabilitation. Today there are so many different kinds of barre classes, some are boot camp and do personal training exercises on the barre. There are barre classes that combine many different techniques like Yoga and Pilates and functional physical therapy exercises. Still, some barre classes are traditional and based off of Ballet Technique. By combining the low-impact movements, the routines in our barre classes build lean muscle and improve your core, preventing injury and increasing flexibility. Come try one of our many styles of barre; boot camp, ballet based, or combination barre classes today!

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